How To Fit


How To Custom Fit Your Balam Back Strap

The Balam Back Strap was designed with versatility in mind and will work with any body type, frame and type of saxophone. The width of the back piece, shape of the support bars and length of the string can be changed for a truly custom fit. These guidelines will help but if you need further assistance, please dont hesitate to contact us. The Balam Back Strap does come pre-fit and will work just fine in its stock orientation for most people.


1. String length adjustment knots

2. Back piece width adjustment hooks

3. Support bars

4. Front position holes


Adjusting the string length

To adjust the length of the strings, simply remove each knotted end from the cast brass pieces at the bottom length of the support bars. Undo the knot and tie a new one higher or lower to achieve the length desired and repeat with the opposite side. 

Adjusting the back piece width & front position holes

You can easily change the width of the Balam back piece to fit your frame. Start by sliding the looped part of the leather string up on the hook located at the back end of the support bars. By pulling through more or less string you can change the width of the strap. Continue to widen the strap until it makes no contact with the sides of your neck and rests on your shoulders only. The goal is to achieve a 'V' shape.

For most women we recommend moving the hooks to the front position holes, this will move the position of the strap farther back. After moving the hooks to this position you will most likely need to curve the support bars a bit more to fit optimally. 



Adjusting the support bars

The bars inside the Balam strap are made from aluminum which is light, strong and also pliable. For the most comfortable fit, it is recommend that as much of the support bars as possible are making contact with your chest. Carefully bend each one until it fits you.